Sunday May 28, 2023

About Us

At Alpha news media, we believe there is a better way to get your daily business news. In an increasingly fragmented and competitive media marketplace we believe in sharing business ideas and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Our commitment towards democratization of the reader’s access to practical business advice is incomparable.

Our core beliefs depend on the transformational power of business and the potential of business leaders to create impact in their respective domains. We also believe in the spirit of innovation and making a lasting difference in our communities due to good leadership.

At Alpha news media we provide a platform for business news enthusiasts, the most credible and trusted source for information and news. For readers to find the recent news in real time, our news portal is designed in the most user friendly and convenient manner. Our aim is to harness expertise from a broad spectrum of professions to inspire, shape and articulate interdisciplinary propositions for the future.

Our news editors and writers are driven by passion, guided by principles and write with a purpose to dedicate and deliver value to our readers with business news and insights that inform and inspire. Alpha news media team believes in harnessing our collective determination, creativity and knowledge for the greater good.

We update our news regularly on our website and simultaneously update our readers with latest business news covering topics that span consumer behavior and demand, team building, social impact, finance, marketing, technology, cyber-security, business law, social psychology, business ethics, international relations, negotiations and work-life balance.

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