Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Accenture Acquires Morphus | AlphaNews Media

Accenture Acquires Morphus AlphaNews Media

Accenture Takes Over the Brazil-based Cybersecurity Company Morphus


In a press release, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) announced the acquisition of Morpheus, a privately held supplier of cyber protection, risk assessment, and threat intelligence services which is headquartered in Brazil.

Accenture is a top supplier of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, such as security monitoring management, integrated cybersecurity systems, and advanced internet security. Through its chain of Advanced Technology and Smart Operations facilities, they combine security innovations along with worldwide scale and competence for direct contribution.

They also give clients the opportunity to innovate securely, develop information security, and expand with assurance with the aid of a group of highly skilled individuals.

Morphus was established in 2003 and has offices in Recife, So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago, Chile in addition to its headquarters in Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil. Red and blue team solutions, management, risks and compliance assistance, risk management, cybersecurity strategy, advanced threat, and outsourced security apparatus are all included in Morphus’ end-to-end offering.

The acquisition adds to Accenture Morphus Labs, a research organization in Fortaleza focused on cybercrime research, vulnerabilities and threat assessments, and MSS. It has a significant presence in Brazil and Chile.

As a result, Accenture’s current worldwide network—which already incorporates Morphus’ cybersecurity R&D capabilities—will get a new Cyber Fusion Center in Fortaleza.

Along with broadening Accenture’s portfolio, the acquisition also heralds the establishment of a Cyber Industry standard in Latin America under the direction of experienced CISOs from Morphus.

The product innovations also strengthen Accenture’s leadership in the main industry sectors of financial products, power, retail, and transportation as well as in growing markets for telecommunications, media, and technology.

Brazil is one of the countries most frequently affected by infostealer malware, which is a malicious program that is meant to steal user data like credentials, as per Accenture’s most recent Cyber Threat Intelligence analysis.

Accenture anticipates that this move will aid in the expansion of its professional strengths in Brazil and Latin America. Financial details of the Morphus acquisition deal weren’t made public.

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