Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Apple Seeks To Capture The Vehicle Software Market With New Version Of Carplay

Apple Seeks To Capture The Vehicle Software Market With New Version Of Carplay

Apple recently unveiled the latest version of its car software Apple CarPlay. This software allows the driver to connect his/her phone to the car so the driver can listen to map directions on the stereo and see the music and maps on the screen.  The new version will let the Apple’s operating system take over the entire dashboard including the gas gauge and speedometer. Drivers will now be able to buy fuel directly from the car screen instead of inserting the credit card at the pump. Apple wants to capture the car software market and be the sole operating system for the entire car. Apples goal is to be more entrenched in the consumers life and the Auto market is now a huge opportunity for Apple. 

Technology companies have decided to monetize digital dashboard in cars. Soon drivers will get digital advertisements in their cars. Driver data is valuable and Auto manufacturers don’t want this data going to the technology companies as the Driver behavior and user behaviors can be monetized. Auto makers may not have much of choice as more customers want google play and Apple CarPlay in their cars.

Some auto manufacturers are really concerned about Apple’s CarPlay as they would need more investment in technology to compete with Silicon Valley companies in this space. Through car dashboard software like CarPlay, drivers can order food and pay for parking on their car screens. Apple simultaneously is also working on its electric automated self-driving car and this new version of Apple CarPlay would offer customers a glimpse of how the Apple Car might operate.

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