Sunday May 28, 2023

Has AI Solved One of Biology’s Biggest Challenges?

Proteins are among the most important molecules in any living organisms. They are designed to perform particular functions in the body like transporting nutrients, blocking pathogens etc. They are essential for life and are made up of smaller units called amino acids arranged in a string structure. There are 20 possible amino acids to choose […]

New Proposed Bill In U.S. Inflation Reduction Act Could Boost Funding For Climate Technology

Climate and energy projects could see $370 billion in fresh funding because of a proposed bill by Senate democrats called the Inflation reduction Act which revises the tax code and reduces the drug prices. In this new proposed bill there is going to be more technology investment and more direct procurement of green technology by […]

Why heavy industries in EU have little choice but to forge ahead with green hydrogen

Heavy industries around the world have begun harnessing hydrogen to reduce its carbon footprint. ArcelorMittal the world’s second largest steelmaker tested the use of green hydrogen to reduce iron ore in Canada successfully. Green hydrogen was used instead of natural gas. Steel industry is highly carbon intensive and it accounts for 7% to 9% of […]

Eutelsat and OneWeb Combine Their Satellite Fleet in a $3.4 Billion Deal

French satellite operator Eutelsat has confirmed that it is in merger talks with British rival OneWeb. The idea of these two companies combining is to better compete against bigger players in the space industry such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX. For Eutelsat this potential merger gives them the opportunity to acquire interesting technology to transform them […]

Why Cities are Especially Vulnerable to Record High Temperatures ?

This year the summer season has been really hot. All over the world there have been record high temperature leading to wildfires and heat evacuations. The hottest places surprisingly have been cities because of phenomenon called the ‘urban heat island effect’. The urban heat island effect is a phenomenon by which all the very hard […]

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