Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

FSD Pharma’s Multiple Sclerosis Drug Candidate Lucid-21-302 (Lucid-MS) receives Regulatory Clearance for Phase-1 Clinical Trial in Canada

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The proposed Phase 1 clinical study of LUCID-21-302 (Lucid-MS) by the Company has received a No Objection Letter (“NOL”) from Health Canada, according to FSD Pharma Inc.

A unique therapeutic candidate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis is being developed by FSD Pharma, a biopharmaceutical firm committed to developing a portfolio of cutting-edge assets and biotechnology alternatives for the treatment of difficult neurodegenerative, immunological, and metabolic disorders.

The NOL gives FSD Pharma the go-ahead from the Canadian regulatory body to continue the clinical research.

The first-in-human clinical study for Lucid-MS, a neuroprotective drug with a novel action mechanism for the therapy of MS, will assess Lucid-safety in multiple sclerosis and its tolerability. The creation of Lucid-MS, a trademarked New Chemical Entity (NCE), took more than 11 years of study and development.

Myelin degradation (demyelination), a proven source of MS and other various neurodegenerative diseases defined by destruction to the myelin sheath encasing nerve cells in the central nervous system, has been demonstrated in preclinical animals to be prevented by Lucid-MS.

According to preclinical research, Lucid-MS enhances functional recovery in MS-related animal experiments. According to the available research, Lucid-MS is non-immunomodulatory, a crucial differentiator in the possibility of creating novel, secure MS treatment choices.

Three therapeutic candidates are being developed by the biotechnology company FSD Pharma Inc. and are at various trial stages. A completely owned subsidiary of FSD BioSciences, Inc., FSD201, a unique ultra-micronized PEA preparation, is the company’s primary product being developed for the management of inflammatory illnesses.

A fully owned subsidiary of Lucid Psycheceuticals Inc., Lucid-Psych and Lucid-MS is the company’s lead substances that are the subject of its research and development efforts. A molecular chemical called Lucid-Psych has been developed for the possible therapy of mental health disorders.

To broaden this classification, the firm is looking into additional medicines that address urgent medical needs brought on by the addiction to drugs like alcohol. A molecular substance called Lucid-MS has been identified as a possible therapy for neurodegenerative diseases.

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