Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Record food Insecurity in Sri Lanka

Record food Insecurity in Sri Lanka

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka is worsening each day and the situation has turned into a nightmare for its citizens. Markets are out of food, pharmacies are without medicines and petrol stations have no oil. Families are struggling to go a day without facing shortages. It has been estimated that nearly 6.3 million people are food insecure that is three out of every 10 households. According to the world food program (WFP), 61% of the families in Sri Lanka are resorting to at least one coping mechanism like eating less or eating less nutritious foods and even skipping meals all together.

United Nations emergency body has decided to assist those suffering in Sri Lanka especially the 3.4 million people most at risk. The WFP is also boosting existing programs to help one million children. This will provide fortified food to mothers and children. Furthermore, along with India, Norway is also doing its part to ease the pressure and over five hundred thousand dollars has been proposed to be given to the Sri Lankan government.

The economic crisis is a major reason worsening the food shortage. However, it is important to understand that the economic crisis is not the only factor for food shortages. Back in May of 2021 then Rajapaksa Government had imposed a nationwide ban on chemical fertilizers which drastically cut agricultural production and drove up the price of staple foods such as rice and vegetables. Since then the drastically falling foreign reserves and unstable government have exacerbated the issue.

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