Monday Mar 27, 2023

Starco Brands Purchases Soylent to Diversify in The Personal Health and Fitness Market

According to Techcrunch, Soylent Nutrition will become a part of the publicly traded Starco Brands firm as part of an agreement. This will allow the plant-based food technology company to continue to function independently under the leadership of its existing CEO, Demir Vangelov. Vangelov disclosed to TechCrunch that as part of the deal, he will […]

Record food Insecurity in Sri Lanka

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka is worsening each day and the situation has turned into a nightmare for its citizens. Markets are out of food, pharmacies are without medicines and petrol stations have no oil. Families are struggling to go a day without facing shortages. It has been estimated that nearly 6.3 million people […]

How The Food Delivery Industry is Grappling With The First Slowdown It Has Encountered

The last two years were really good for food delivery companies. The demand was high as people stayed home and revenues increased as more and more customers signed up. However, as the economy slows down and inflation soars, the best of times may be over for some delivery giants. According to market analysts, the total […]

Global Inflation Woes Continue as New Zealand’s Inflation Rates Highest in Three Decades

The high inflation rates around the world do not seem like coming down any time soon. The current data from New Zealand where the inflation has touched a three decade high is beating forecasts. Most experts are expecting the Central bank of New Zealand to increase rates by 50 basis points. Consumer Price Index (CPI) […]

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