Thursday Mar 23, 2023

As Russian Energy Supplies Peak Gas Supplies to Germany Will Stop

European gas prices once again rose to record highs on fears over Russian supply peak. The gas prices have spiked in recent days because of the three-day halt in Russian deliveries to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 continues to approach. The biggest fear is that Moscow will now turn the taps back on afterwards […]

New German Tax on Gas To Support Energy Firms

The global energy crisis has led the German government to impose a new gas tax on households. The increased rates will be effective from October 1st and last till April 2024. Under the new levy an average family of four is expected to pay an additional $489 a year. Businesses will also be subjected to […]

Despite of Multiple Production Delays Tesla Posts Solid Growth

Tesla announced this week that its second quarter revenue rose 42% over last year. Tesla also announced nearly 60% jump in adjusted earnings per share.  These numbers come despite production disruptions in China because of the COVID lockdown and high costs associated with new production plants in Texas and Germany. Tesla sales are really strong […]

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