Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Why heavy industries in EU have little choice but to forge ahead with green hydrogen

Heavy industries around the world have begun harnessing hydrogen to reduce its carbon footprint. ArcelorMittal the world’s second largest steelmaker tested the use of green hydrogen to reduce iron ore in Canada successfully. Green hydrogen was used instead of natural gas. Steel industry is highly carbon intensive and it accounts for 7% to 9% of […]

How Companies are Trying to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint By Using Carbon Capture Technology?

Estimates range from $300 billion to $50 trillion of investments is needed in the next 20 years to control climate change. Recently, Tata group made an announcement stating that Tata Chemicals Europe had  set up UK’s very first industrial scale carbon capture plant. This isn’t Tata’s first project using this technology, a year ago Tata […]

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